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Simple Solutions for Lowering Utility Bills and Improving Energy Efficiency
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SEE The Light Energy Toolkits
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$499 each

SEE The Light Energy TubeKits
For Business
$129 each
for home

SEE The Light Energy Toolkits
For Your House or Apartment
$99 each

The Proven All-In-One Toolkit to Boost Energy Awareness + Efficiencies

EPA studies show that 20% or more of an operation's energy spend could be attributed to human behavior. Using SEE The Light's behavioral energy efficiency solution, you can turn energy- wasting work habits into energy-efficient best practices.

Our complete 4‐Step Toolkit includes all the tools and training materials you need to Plan, Implement, Measure, and Sustain an enterprise-wide energy efficiency program.

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Short + Sweet, Just the Tools and Some Tips To Promote Smart Behaviors

If you don't have the time or resources to implement a full SEE The Light program, but you still want to communicate the importance of energy conservation to your employees, the new Energy TubeKit is for you.

Packed with colorful posters, stickers, flyers and a range of fill-in-the-blank digital templates for customizing communication with your team, the TubeKit lets you jump into conservation right out of

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Start with a $350 Savings on Utility Bills, Keep the Savings Going all Year Long

SEE The Light Home Energy Toolkits are your energy efficiency "starter kits." We bundled 10 indispensable tools, from an LED light bulb to faucet aerators, into a single, handy Toolkit for homeowners and renters.

Then we added a Home Energy Efficiency Workbook, jam-packed with expert advice and instruction on reducing energy costs from the attic to the basement and every room in between.

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