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SEE The Light Energy Toolkits

Through the Enhanced Municipal Initiative,
National Grid is offering SEE The Light to municipalities and
public schools throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
National Grid

To see if your city/town or school district is eligible to participate in National Grid's Enhanced Municipal Initiative contact
Marie Raphael
(978) 725-1398

Download the SEE The Light-National Grid program brochure

Download the SEE The Light Municipal Facilities brochure

SEE The Light Energy Toolkits are like an "Energy Manager in a Box," with all the tools, training, and technology you need to transform energy‐wasteful behaviors into efficient best practices.


When your public school system or municipality participates in National Grid's Enhanced Municipal Initiative, you could receive at no charge:
  • 1 SEE The Light Master Energy Toolkit (Municipal or School version) for implementing
       in a single building
  • 1 license for SEE The Light energy benchmarking software (optional)
  • 1 CD with digital files for easy customization of communication, auditing,
        and promotional tools
  • 1 hour of telephone or online software training with KCG Energy
  • 1 hour of telephone support for implementation training and coaching
  • Access to online software training at

By training municipal employees or your schools' teachers, administrators, and students in energy-­‐smart behaviors, you will add an important component of the energy efficiency equation.